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Homeland -
our greatest treasure

Between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, between the river Neckar and the 
Danube, trends the beautiful Baar, a plateau with a very special natural landscape. 
Right here, surrounded by meadows and forests, you´ll find »die Burg« located in the 
small heart of Aasen. This is the place we want to preserve for you. 

let's take a short
historical detour

The castle, originally a small restaurant inside a farm house, has grown into a 
well-known restaurant over time. After the initial guest-house was closed in 2008, 
our wish was to continue the history of the castle and to create a place where you 
arrive and feel at ease.




»Schnekenburger« the name of 
the former owner, became popularly 
known as »die Burg« today. 

The love for our homeland
is inspiration

With the castle we want to enliven and enrich our village. Here you should like 
to spend time, find peace and recharge your batteries, enjoy live and always look 
forward to come back and stop off at our restaurant. We, your hosts, take care 
to welcoming you with warmth and a special service.