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Our selection of drinks is also focused on being sourced from regional producers.
Whether wine, beer, juices or soft drinks, nothing is left unnoticed and selected with
great care for you. Special attention is paid to the choice of our wines. Therefore,
Niklas Grom is your sommelier for everything your heard desires. His passion is
wine, with everything that goes along with it.

»For me, there is
no better job than
that of being a host
and sommelier.«



It is such a diverse and exciting profession from which you may learn
something new every day. To me, the most beautiful thing is, when you are able to
inspire the guest, so at the end of the day they leave the restaurant just smiling.
That‘s our goal every day.

The great thing about wine is that it‘s such a huge, complex topic and learning about it,
isn´t something that’s ever completed. Working closely with the wineries and
vintners makes you realize what work goes into the production of each wine.
That‘s important to me.

We do not just want to satisfy our guests, we want to inspire them and
always exceed their expectations.