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Nature – so close.

You will feel especially at ease in our restaurant »die Burg«, which is run by the 
experienced top restaurateurs Jason and Niklas Grom. Coming from a family of 
restaurateurs, the brothers knew early how the cookie crumbles - or better: 
how to make the best ones.

Now that the brothers have expressed their knowledge and passion in 
renowed Guide Michelin Star Restaurants in German-speaking countries, they are 
now looking forward to entertain guests in their own homeland. 

The restaurant »die Burg« offers a down-to-earth, regional and at 
the same time refined and exquisite cuisine, which reflects the versatility of 
their homeland and thereby bring nature on the plate. 



»Who is sourrounded
by everything
one needs, doesn't
have to go far.«

says Jason Grom, head chef

»We pay special attention to the quality and origin of our products. 
That‘s why we source a lot of the products we use directly from the region, 
from local producers who pursue their vocation with a great deal of passion, 
just like we do.«