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What do we want to say to this index point, if the navigation point »Team« already
anticipates everything. Perhaps the following: We are proud to have band together and
found  ourselves within a year. We are equally proud of our team of specialized,
dedicated employees who live our philosophy with us and thus
pass it on to our visitors.

Your leisure time ist 
our pleasure.

Together we want to fill your leisure time with a perfect moment.
We hope and will be happy if we succeed time and again so you enjoy to
take a break in the castle.

Niklas Grom I Director 
Restaurant manager I sommelier
t. + 49 (0)771-17 51 00 51
what's app: + 49 (0)177-840 08 77

Fabienne Edbauer
Front Office Manager
t: + 49 (0)771-17 51 00 50
what's app: + 49 (0)177-840 08 77

Jason Grom I Director 
Head Chef
t. + 49 (0)771-17 51 00 52
what's app: + 49 (0)177-840 08 77